Monday, October 1, 2012

Flying High

It's late on a Sunday night and I should be in bed so that I don't have to drink five cups of coffee just to get going in the morning.  It was such a beautiful weekend and I don't want it to be over.  I'm always thinking this time of year... this might be our last nice day let's make the most of it.  So we did.  

The girls and I went on a scenic plane ride this weekend.  A first for all of us... taking off on the water and flying low enough to see grandma's house and  wave out the window.  What a way to spend a gorgeous Saturday afternoon.  

The whole time I was thinking, "This is kinda crazy.  Who just hops on a plane tied to a dock and goes for a afternoon cruise around the sky"?  The views were spectacular.  The trees were like green and yellow camouflage surrounding the sparkling blue water of the lake.

Callie rode shotgun with the pilot on this four seater plane.  A very cute pilot named Alex who barely looked old enough to drive a car never mind an air craft.  I watched Callie from my seat next to Lexi in the back.  She was very serious.  Every once in a while she would look back at me and a tight grin would cross her face telling me that she thought this was a pretty awesome day.

For a girl who likes to make memories,  I think this is one birthday gift that won't be forgotten.  I am so blessed.

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