Tuesday, February 12, 2013


For your sixth birthday you asked for a remote control helicopter.  Just over a month ago you asked Santa for a skateboard, a Baby Alive doll and face paint.   These wishes say so much about who you are.  You are a mover.  You like to go fast and be the first one.  You are caring and thoughtful.  You are creative and imaginative.  

You prefer vanilla over chocolate.
Green is your favorite color.
Big, Big Friends is your show of choice.
Toast and jam, cut in four, please.
You like to play go camping, make forts out of blankets, draw, paint, craft and color.
You love water in your straw cup and twisting the furs on your blankie for comfort.

You are the best big sister.  Whenever you get invited to a birthday party you assume little sister was invited too.  When you found one lonely Hershey Kiss in the cup holder of the truck you didn't think twice about sharing it with Lexi.  You held it to her mouth and said, "take a bite".  But she ate it all.  You tried so hard to hold back your tears and not be disappointed but your emotions got the better of you.  When you are six, finding a Hershey Kiss is a big deal.

You like to sing.  You are loud.  You have been paying too close attention to the song lyrics. We often hear that "party rock is in the house tonight" and that you're sexy and you know it.   When you can't find something you always look with your mouth instead of your eyes.  You are funny and silly. You are shy...but only when mom is around.  You like mom to stay at playdates and birthday parties.  You like to put on shows at home but in public you would rather not be the center of anyone's attention.

You are growing and changing each day.  But some things remain the same.  Pancakes, waffles, mushroom soup and chicken noodle are still top choices, two hair ponies high up is the only acceptable hair style, and graphic tees and elastic waists can usually prevent any clothing meltdowns.  You like Spiderman and your doll Jake.  You sleep with your bed full of stuffies.

You always have lots of questions.  You are sponging up information.  You are 45.5 inches tall.  You are six.

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