Sunday, January 30, 2011

Today Was The Day

Four years ago I remember exactly what I was doing on January 30th.  I was waiting...patiently waiting.

I was inspecting the freshly painted, pale yellow, nursery.  I was sitting in the newly purchased rocking chair looking at the perfectly stacked newborn diapers, inhaling the intoxicating scent of baby lotion, and switching between the pink and blue hand-stitched quilts that my grandmother had sewn with love for our first baby.

Our first baby girl.

I stood by the cherry wood crib that a loving Nana and Papa had bought just for our little blessing.  I stared...imagining that soon our baby would call this home.  I would be called mom.   It reminded me of our wedding day...when I became a wife.  A  new  title, "wife", and now, "mom".  It sounded strange to say it out loud.  Strange but good.  Real good.  And blissfully exciting.

Today was the day. According to the little wheel that the doctor spun around at my first prenatal visit...  According to the advanced technology of  ultrasound...  Today was the day Jon and I would no longer be a family of two. Today our first born baby was due.  The first stone in my family ring would be a garnet.  A deep red stone.  The color of love. 

Not to be left out, our second baby girl.

On January 30th, four years ago I was waiting.  And so you know, I continued to wait.  We all waited.  We waited 10 more days.  That means my garnet changed to the beautiful purple color of amethyst.  That also means that we will be celebrating soon.  We are planning a party at our house.  A perfect party to celebrate the day we became parents...the day our lives became better...the day I became mom.

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