Friday, July 25, 2014

Back Again

One of the best feelings is sharing something you love with friends.  We were so excited to have our friends come yurting with us.  The planning and anticipation had been brewing in the girls for months and when we all arrived at the yurt, it finally happened.  The kids literally exploded with excitement.  It sounded like this: "Mom, let's go swimming, biking, on a hike, up the tower, to grandma's camper, to the park. Let's build a fire, make s'mores, play in the yurt... C'mon let's go, let's go, let's go! Where's my bathing suit? Where's my bike helmet? Where's the roasting sticks?  I'm thirsty!  I'm hungry!  The bugs are biting me! Mom!! Where's the bug spray...?"

It was like someone let go of the wind up string on six kids all at once.  And in the middle there were two moms unloading camping supplies, making beds and looking in the coolers... for a stiff drink!  

By day two, our wound up kids began to settle and we introduced our friends to one of our most favorite things to do in the all day beach day.

In between taking care of kid requests, I got to visit with my BFF.  I got to have her in my town in the summer, sharing our life in the north with her family from the prairie. And just like the kids, I wanted to explode with all the things we could do together and talk about.  But it's funny how the time together always seems too short. We're always left wanting more.  And luckily for us, there will be more later in the summer.

But right now the pool feels empty and the house very quiet without our friends.  Everyone is tired and happy and counting days until we meet again.  Especially the moms!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Yurt - Round 1

Remember how much fun we had yurting last year?  So much that early this spring when everything was still frozen solid white, I set my alarm early to get on the phone and the computer at the same time in hopes of being lucky enough to book the ever so popular yurt.  It was a success!

Remember when Oprah went camping?  She didn't really feel the camping love.  But we sure do.  Maybe it's the sounds of nature or the all day fresh air.  Maybe it's the smell of the campfire or the satisfaction of toasting the perfect marshmallow.  Maybe it's because once you're there all the jobs and to-do lists you left at home get forgotten.  There are so many good things about camping but what does it for me are the smiles and excitement and enthusiasm from my girls.  These yurts are ten minutes away from our house and you would think we had taken them to the moon!  

Of course having a full supply of friends and family around to make memories with is like the chocolate on the s'more!

And just when you think you've had the most fun and done all that there is possibly to do, it's time to go back home...

...and restock and regroup and get ready to do it all again!!!  Oh, we can hardly wait to share this place with our special guests!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Week One of Summer Fun

Is it possible that Mother Nature is trying to make up for all her winter shenanigans in the first week of summer?  The sun started to shine on Canada Day and has given a stellar performance for this first week of holidays.  Things are getting checked off our summer wish list at record pace...starting with the Canada Day parade. Only this year instead of watching the parade we were in it!

After the parade we settled in nicely for the third annual Canada Day picnic with with friends.  This tradition always feels like the kick off to summer. Everyone's summer plans and unplans are shared and new plans are made. It's the start of late nights and lazy jammie mornings with coffee on the deck.  And, it's the beginning of beach season...

There have been a lot of smiling, happy kids this week doing real kid's work...playing, building, exploring, swimming, catching frogs, roasting marshmallow, eating cheezies, licking popsicles, spraying sunscreen, laughing, running, squealing...

 know, just making their memories.  All this and it's only been a week.  What could there possibly be left to do?