Saturday, July 5, 2014

Week One of Summer Fun

Is it possible that Mother Nature is trying to make up for all her winter shenanigans in the first week of summer?  The sun started to shine on Canada Day and has given a stellar performance for this first week of holidays.  Things are getting checked off our summer wish list at record pace...starting with the Canada Day parade. Only this year instead of watching the parade we were in it!

After the parade we settled in nicely for the third annual Canada Day picnic with with friends.  This tradition always feels like the kick off to summer. Everyone's summer plans and unplans are shared and new plans are made. It's the start of late nights and lazy jammie mornings with coffee on the deck.  And, it's the beginning of beach season...

There have been a lot of smiling, happy kids this week doing real kid's work...playing, building, exploring, swimming, catching frogs, roasting marshmallow, eating cheezies, licking popsicles, spraying sunscreen, laughing, running, squealing...

 know, just making their memories.  All this and it's only been a week.  What could there possibly be left to do?

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