Sunday, February 24, 2013

Skiing and Smoothies

Yesterday we finally made it back out to the ski trails after a bit of a hiatus.  Life was getting in the way of our Saturday afternoon plans the past few weeks.  But with blue skies and a little warmth from the sun we got back into the groove.  And look who made her skiing d├ębut...

Little sister was a natural.  It was like she's always been there.  She approached her first time skiing like she does most things.  Confidently, fearless, sure of herself, not wanting any help.  I know this about her but I am still surprised by her willingness to try almost anything.  After an hour she still wanted to go for another round as she tried to join the big kid group that was heading out after us.  

I watched Callie's own confidence shine having her little sister there with her.  She was very sweet as she was showing Lexi where to get her skis and telling her the ins and outs of how things work at this ski club.  She showed off her advanced skills to her sister, skiing way up ahead demonstrating her speed and heading down the little hill before Lexi even got started.

And after this face wash we called it a day despite Lexi's desire to go around just one more time.  We convinced her to pack it in with the mention of a smoothie at our favorite coffee shop.

It was such a great afternoon hanging out with my girls.  I sipped my almond joy latte as they slurped and licked their strawberry-banana smoothie.  Their flushed cheeks warmed up as we read  from the kids used book section.  I love these regular moments.

In other news...
Humpty Dumpty people have been coming home in the back pack fast and furious...

Roller girl hasn't had any major injuries yet...

And someone finally decided to wear her special Christmas jammies I gave her three months ago...

Remind me to give Christmas jammies for Halloween next year.  That should make the timing just about right.

Have a happy week.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Louis' Day

Today was a bonus at home day.  Morning coffee tastes even better when you're supposed to be at work but instead you are playing board games in your jammies with crazy bed-head.  Or maybe it was the Baileys that made the coffee so good.  Whatever it was, it was a great way to start the week.

Lexi is so fun to watch play the Shopping Cart game.  When she gets something she needs on her list she says, "yesssss" and gives a little fist pump.

This is a play-doh Lexi. 
Twister... a birthday gift.

This dad would do anything for his girls.  Including trying to teach left from right while keeping his foot on red.  He also attempted to teach Callie how to tie laces today.  Neither task was mastered.

    Callie "baked" pumpkin chocolate chip cookies today...

    Lexi is drawing these Humpty Dumpty people everywhere. They make me happy... 

The sun made an appearance today after a long haul of grey skies.  But with the sun came cooler weather.  I struggled to pull the girls in the sled through the fresh dump of snow we got overnight.  We attempted an adventure to World Rock but the snow was waist deep.  And guess what happened when Callie's boots filled with snow.

We cut our adventure short and settled on going back inside for our customary cup of hot chocolate.  It was a good day.  Thanks Louis Riel.

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Early Saturday morning I packed up the girls and we went on a road trip.  A short road trip but still an adventure.  I have never been to this festival before and I probably would never have gone if it wasn't for my friend Marlene's encouragement.  I mostly went just to visit with my friend but we also got a healthy dose of history and culture.

The girls played forever at Fort Whoop-it-Up in this canoe taking their imaginary voyages on the fur trade route.  We cheered on my friend's husband as he competed to be the King Trapper.  We watched a few events...bannock making, fish filleting, trap setting and nail driving.  It was kinda like watching the grade six social studies curriculum come alive.

The girls had three favorites from this day.  First was watching the dog sled races take off.  There were A LOT of dogs.  And a lot of barking. We met a boy named Trevor who was 13 years old.  He showed us his sled and let us take his picture.  We cheered for Trevor but we don't know how he made out because we didn't wait around till the end of the race.  Lexi asked all day, "When the puppies coming back?"

Second, after just receiving a remote control helicopter for her birthday, there was no way we could pass up the opportunity to go on a real helicopter ride.  The guy in the orange vest leading the way, he recognized me and my girls.  He was our pilot a few months ago.  

Helicopters are LOUD.  And the propellers blow snow in your face as you walk up to get in.  But the ride was very smooth and you get a really good view from all the windows.  It was not quite as picturesque as our plane ride in the fall since the land is all frozen and covered in white but still...a helicopter ride is pretty cool...another first for all of us.

And finally, the reason we came to this festival, we had a great visit with our good friends. These girls were born just five days apart six years ago.  So a little impromptu birthday celebration for them and some good coffee talk for the moms was a perfect end to our day.

We look forward to our next visit.  Wherever it may be.  We miss our friends.  It is always so much fun to make our memories together.

Friday, February 15, 2013


Hmm... Valentine's Day.  There are lots of polls and questions about how people celebrate the day or whether it's even worthy of a celebration considering it's a manufactured event.  We celebrated it dalmatian style.  It so happened that Callie's school acknowledged the 101 day of school which happened to land on Valentine's Day.  It was also teacher appreciation week.  If you haven't appreciated your child's teacher lately I suggest you try organizing one hundred and fifty 5 to 8 year olds through five stations that are educational, fun, creative, active and technologically advanced. When Callie came home form school she declared it, "the best day ever!"  I'd say that she was pretty appreciative.

As for our Valentine's celebration... I don't often have much in the way of expectations. My only attempt is to try not to make it just another regular day so  I let the girls make their own pizza's for supper.  We haven't done this for a long time so they thought it was pretty special.  I have to admit that having the girls help me make supper at the end our school/daycare/work day isn't something that happens very often.  Generally speaking, patience is thin and people are hungry so it's best for me to work my magic quickly.

We set a Valentine's table with the accessories from last year.  I lit a candle that still had a red ribbon on it from Christmas.  Jon poured us a glass of wine.  And voila... that's what we call Valentine's Day.

 I didn't give any chocolates or gifts this year.  But I did receive some flowers from my Valentine.  All the bright colors make me happy. They are so cheerful looking.  Especially in the middle of all the white and grey of winter.

And that's it.  Our little family Valentine's Day.  How did you celebrate?

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


For your sixth birthday you asked for a remote control helicopter.  Just over a month ago you asked Santa for a skateboard, a Baby Alive doll and face paint.   These wishes say so much about who you are.  You are a mover.  You like to go fast and be the first one.  You are caring and thoughtful.  You are creative and imaginative.  

You prefer vanilla over chocolate.
Green is your favorite color.
Big, Big Friends is your show of choice.
Toast and jam, cut in four, please.
You like to play go camping, make forts out of blankets, draw, paint, craft and color.
You love water in your straw cup and twisting the furs on your blankie for comfort.

You are the best big sister.  Whenever you get invited to a birthday party you assume little sister was invited too.  When you found one lonely Hershey Kiss in the cup holder of the truck you didn't think twice about sharing it with Lexi.  You held it to her mouth and said, "take a bite".  But she ate it all.  You tried so hard to hold back your tears and not be disappointed but your emotions got the better of you.  When you are six, finding a Hershey Kiss is a big deal.

You like to sing.  You are loud.  You have been paying too close attention to the song lyrics. We often hear that "party rock is in the house tonight" and that you're sexy and you know it.   When you can't find something you always look with your mouth instead of your eyes.  You are funny and silly. You are shy...but only when mom is around.  You like mom to stay at playdates and birthday parties.  You like to put on shows at home but in public you would rather not be the center of anyone's attention.

You are growing and changing each day.  But some things remain the same.  Pancakes, waffles, mushroom soup and chicken noodle are still top choices, two hair ponies high up is the only acceptable hair style, and graphic tees and elastic waists can usually prevent any clothing meltdowns.  You like Spiderman and your doll Jake.  You sleep with your bed full of stuffies.

You always have lots of questions.  You are sponging up information.  You are 45.5 inches tall.  You are six.