Friday, February 15, 2013


Hmm... Valentine's Day.  There are lots of polls and questions about how people celebrate the day or whether it's even worthy of a celebration considering it's a manufactured event.  We celebrated it dalmatian style.  It so happened that Callie's school acknowledged the 101 day of school which happened to land on Valentine's Day.  It was also teacher appreciation week.  If you haven't appreciated your child's teacher lately I suggest you try organizing one hundred and fifty 5 to 8 year olds through five stations that are educational, fun, creative, active and technologically advanced. When Callie came home form school she declared it, "the best day ever!"  I'd say that she was pretty appreciative.

As for our Valentine's celebration... I don't often have much in the way of expectations. My only attempt is to try not to make it just another regular day so  I let the girls make their own pizza's for supper.  We haven't done this for a long time so they thought it was pretty special.  I have to admit that having the girls help me make supper at the end our school/daycare/work day isn't something that happens very often.  Generally speaking, patience is thin and people are hungry so it's best for me to work my magic quickly.

We set a Valentine's table with the accessories from last year.  I lit a candle that still had a red ribbon on it from Christmas.  Jon poured us a glass of wine.  And voila... that's what we call Valentine's Day.

 I didn't give any chocolates or gifts this year.  But I did receive some flowers from my Valentine.  All the bright colors make me happy. They are so cheerful looking.  Especially in the middle of all the white and grey of winter.

And that's it.  Our little family Valentine's Day.  How did you celebrate?

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