Monday, February 18, 2013

Louis' Day

Today was a bonus at home day.  Morning coffee tastes even better when you're supposed to be at work but instead you are playing board games in your jammies with crazy bed-head.  Or maybe it was the Baileys that made the coffee so good.  Whatever it was, it was a great way to start the week.

Lexi is so fun to watch play the Shopping Cart game.  When she gets something she needs on her list she says, "yesssss" and gives a little fist pump.

This is a play-doh Lexi. 
Twister... a birthday gift.

This dad would do anything for his girls.  Including trying to teach left from right while keeping his foot on red.  He also attempted to teach Callie how to tie laces today.  Neither task was mastered.

    Callie "baked" pumpkin chocolate chip cookies today...

    Lexi is drawing these Humpty Dumpty people everywhere. They make me happy... 

The sun made an appearance today after a long haul of grey skies.  But with the sun came cooler weather.  I struggled to pull the girls in the sled through the fresh dump of snow we got overnight.  We attempted an adventure to World Rock but the snow was waist deep.  And guess what happened when Callie's boots filled with snow.

We cut our adventure short and settled on going back inside for our customary cup of hot chocolate.  It was a good day.  Thanks Louis Riel.

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