Monday, May 18, 2015

Let's Get This Summer Thing Started

If you see a picture of my foot in a flip flop and my hand is holding a cup and the sky is blue and there is someone playing in the background, if all this is happening then you know it must have been a good long weekend!  The first morning coffee on the deck was had.  A sure sign that summer is on the way.

It was time to get outside and see if we could make the yard as messy as the house by pulling all the summer toys out of storage.  The girls are growing but they still find fun in the old swing set. They can get it rocking back and forth pretty good these days when they swing too high.  We got this swing set when Callie was just a year old.  I remember wanting something small that she could use right away.  I never even imagined the day would come when she would use it like a trapeze artist in the circus.

Swing sets get smaller and knees hit the handle bars on the old red tricycle but the sand box never seems to lose its luster.  Both girls played for hours in the cold, wet sand that was frozen and covered in snow just last weekend.  We talked about going to the beach, camping, roasting marshmallows and staying up late and all the other good things that come with the warmer weather of summer.  And we watched the trees closely all weekend to see if we could see the exact moment that the buds would burst into luscious green leaves.

If you look past the crazy, jumping girl you will notice that this morning, May 18th, the trees did their thing. They are showing the first signs of life after a long, cold winter. Now that is a very good reason to jump for joy!  

And the highlight of the weekend you ask?  Getting to visit with old friends and meeting and snuggling our new baby friends.

Come on summer.  We're ready for you!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Momma's Day

Hello strangers.  How are things? This is where I go into a whole paragraph about how busy we've been and no time for pictures or blogging and all that.  But that can't be typed with a straight face because there has been time. It's just that I started having a nightly affair with Netflix and oh how easy it is to say "just one more episode" when you're watching Grey's Anatomy starting from season one!

So if you want to know what's been happening around here there's only one place to look... phone photos.  'Cause there's always time for a good selfie..

Callie wrapped up her second year of gymnastics and her class had a demonstration of what they've been working on.  I was wowed and amazed at how strong and confident my girl has become.  The club is recreational gymnastics so there's no pressure for perfection or competing.  Just fun and exercise and that's all.  No wonder she loves it!

We made another cake.  It was supposed to be purple tiger striped on the inside.  We followed the directions to a T.  It sorta looked like tiger stripes I guess.  The girls didn't care.  They had fun making it.  And Lexi had fun eating it!  She loves sweets.  Callie had one piece, said the icing was too sweet, and never had anymore after that.  Have you ever heard a kid say something was too sweet? That's my girl.

And today, the best day of all the days.  Mother's Day.  It snowed yesterday and outside was wet and slushy and mucky but inside there were flowers and homemade cards and handwritten poems waiting for me when I got up.  I just love these girls to pieces!  For all my special days, their dad takes them shopping in the candle section of Wal-Mart.  The girls smell all the candles and decide on just the right scent for their momma.  They would never be able to agree on just one so they each pick their own. I love the surprise of their choices.  This year it was vanilla-almond from Callie and ocean breeze from Lexi.  It's like baking cookies on the beach! What could be better that that?

Even better than flowers and candles is the fact that both Jon and I get to visit with our own mommas on Mother's Day.  As I scrolled through my newsfeed this morning and I read all the Mother's Day love being sent over the web I made special note in my mind about how fortunate we are to be able to pop in, say hello, have a coffee, visit a little and share some hugs with our own momma's.  What a gift to my girls it is for them to sit on their grandmas' knees and make bunny ears over there heads and laugh and wiggle and be silly as we try to get a "good" picture with everyone looking.  Here are the good ones...

And here are the better ones...

Happy Momma's Day!