Monday, May 18, 2015

Let's Get This Summer Thing Started

If you see a picture of my foot in a flip flop and my hand is holding a cup and the sky is blue and there is someone playing in the background, if all this is happening then you know it must have been a good long weekend!  The first morning coffee on the deck was had.  A sure sign that summer is on the way.

It was time to get outside and see if we could make the yard as messy as the house by pulling all the summer toys out of storage.  The girls are growing but they still find fun in the old swing set. They can get it rocking back and forth pretty good these days when they swing too high.  We got this swing set when Callie was just a year old.  I remember wanting something small that she could use right away.  I never even imagined the day would come when she would use it like a trapeze artist in the circus.

Swing sets get smaller and knees hit the handle bars on the old red tricycle but the sand box never seems to lose its luster.  Both girls played for hours in the cold, wet sand that was frozen and covered in snow just last weekend.  We talked about going to the beach, camping, roasting marshmallows and staying up late and all the other good things that come with the warmer weather of summer.  And we watched the trees closely all weekend to see if we could see the exact moment that the buds would burst into luscious green leaves.

If you look past the crazy, jumping girl you will notice that this morning, May 18th, the trees did their thing. They are showing the first signs of life after a long, cold winter. Now that is a very good reason to jump for joy!  

And the highlight of the weekend you ask?  Getting to visit with old friends and meeting and snuggling our new baby friends.

Come on summer.  We're ready for you!

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