Sunday, September 28, 2014

What's Up?

Fall came back.  
And now it's gone again.  
We oogled up these last nice days.  

The blow up pool is all packed away.  Summer sand toys are all picked up.  Lawn chairs are stowed away and the sun canopy is heading to the recycle bin because last week's snow caused it to collapse beyond repair.

The leaves are off the trees and on the ground.  Swimming lessons, piano lessons, gymnastics and dance classes have all started.  So have volunteer duties, board meetings, and fundraising endeavours.

Big sister caught a fever bug.  It took her down and out for a couple days.  We're still waiting for her full return.  The talk around here is about costumes and pumpkin leaf bags, home-made soups, preparing for hibernation, and who's birthday in next?

What's up with you?

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

News Flash

We interrupt our regularly scheduled fall blog posts to bring you this important news flash.

It appears that we will be forgoing fall this year and instead will head directly into the winter season. Apparently we will be having nine months of winter this year.  Yes, the last time it snowed was June 6th and here we are at September 16th.  That's 3 MONTHS people!!!  Only three months without snow.  I didn't even have a chance to miss it.  And guess what.  Our mitts and toques were right there sitting in the basket on the kitchen floor because guess what......... I never packed them away for the summer!!!

How is it possible that these little people can be so excited and happy?  Like its the first time that they've ever seen the white stuff fall from the sky....

I guess one of the downfalls of being a grown-up is that you know too much.  I know how quickly the excitement wears off and and the "dark days" begin to settle in to stay.  But for today, I tried my best to  share in the excitement.  Only because the forecast promises that it's not here to stay!  And I've been trained well to always look on the bright side.  Today's positive thought was, "at least we don't farm".  I can't imagine snow in September would be good for crops.  I guess we will try on snow suits this weekend.... sigh.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Last Time

This poem made its way into my news feed this week.

And for some reason, it's words keep surfacing in my mind.  Whispering to me that time is running out.  Just like one of those "hurry, the sale is ending soon" commercials.  Sometimes I ignore its warning because yes there is laundry to be done and dishes to be washed.  But other times, like today, I give in to it's wisdom because today might be the last time Callie says "let's go to world rock".

I hope it's not The Last Time.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

No Room For Tears.

So the first day of school came and went without a single tear shed by anyone.  Definitely getting up in the morning after a summer full of late starts was the hardest part.  We were prepared though. Bags were packed.  Clothes were laid out.  The days events had been discussed.  You could have called me supermom except for the fact that I was late ordering their new backpacks so they didn't have them for the first day.  

Both girls got several new outfits to start the school year but neither of them really get very excited about new clothes. So for the first day, they both chose well worn, comfy, favorite clothes to wear.  I actually think their clothes are like a security blanket for them.  They would never risk venturing out on such an important day wearing new clothes that hadn't been tested before.  On days when so many things are going to be new, it's best to just stick to what's familiar.  Lexi did decide to wear her high heeled party shoes for her first day but quickly realized their impracticality on a school-yard made of sand.  And Callie, well she got a new hat a couple days before school started and it seemed to have passed the test.  

Like her sisters first day of kindergarten, Lexi would have to go to day care for the morning since her class didn't start until after lunch.  She didn't cry but her eyes were full and she gave me extra kisses as big sister and I said good-bye until lunch time.  This was her first time at day care by herself.  The kids that she's been going to day care with for her entire little life are now all in school full time. Little sister was brave. At lunch time Callie and I picked her up and the three of us went to school together for the first time.  Lexi was all smiles.  The playground was loud but she didn't care.  She wanted to play on the play structure but her high heeled shoes kept filling with sand and were hard to climb in. Then she spotted her BFF and there was a lot of hugging and squealing!  All was going to be okay.  

As for Callie's first day of grade two, she is a old pro at this gig now.  She hangs out with me until she finds her buddies and then tells me I can go.  She has made good friends.  She knows the school inside and out.  She had met her new teacher and found her classroom before school had started.  She was confident and excited.  Excited for a new year but more excited that her little sister would now be coming to school too!

And now with the first week under our belts, Callie wants me to drop her and Lexi off and then go do my own thing. Callie says that she will make sure Lexi gets in the right line when the bell rings and that she will help Lexi get her indoor shoes on.  And after school, they don't need my help.  I can just wait in my room and they will meet me there.  Usually this type of conversation would make me all sad and emotional about my babies growing up but instead I'm just so proud of my big, brave girls that there is no room for tears this time round. 

Monday, September 1, 2014

The Night Before the First Day of School

Tomorrow will be Lexi's first day of her school career. Five years old seems so little when it is your own. Callie will be starting grade two and is nearly two inches taller than she was at the end of grade one! I've been reading the posts from all you moms dropping your babies off at college and I dare not blink for I know that time goes fast. I am lucky that starting school for my girls actually means that they will be closer to me. And I'm not worried because they will be going to a school with an amazing staff of teachers and EA's who will take care of my girls like their own. I can guarantee that there will be some tears tomorrow...mostly because we will have to get out of bed before 10! Good luck to everyone on their "new starts" tomorrow!

We said good-bye to the beach this week.  

Au revoir l'été!  You were good to us.  
Tomorrow begins the next chapter.