Tuesday, September 16, 2014

News Flash

We interrupt our regularly scheduled fall blog posts to bring you this important news flash.

It appears that we will be forgoing fall this year and instead will head directly into the winter season. Apparently we will be having nine months of winter this year.  Yes, the last time it snowed was June 6th and here we are at September 16th.  That's 3 MONTHS people!!!  Only three months without snow.  I didn't even have a chance to miss it.  And guess what.  Our mitts and toques were right there sitting in the basket on the kitchen floor because guess what......... I never packed them away for the summer!!!

How is it possible that these little people can be so excited and happy?  Like its the first time that they've ever seen the white stuff fall from the sky....

I guess one of the downfalls of being a grown-up is that you know too much.  I know how quickly the excitement wears off and and the "dark days" begin to settle in to stay.  But for today, I tried my best to  share in the excitement.  Only because the forecast promises that it's not here to stay!  And I've been trained well to always look on the bright side.  Today's positive thought was, "at least we don't farm".  I can't imagine snow in September would be good for crops.  I guess we will try on snow suits this weekend.... sigh.

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