Sunday, September 28, 2014

What's Up?

Fall came back.  
And now it's gone again.  
We oogled up these last nice days.  

The blow up pool is all packed away.  Summer sand toys are all picked up.  Lawn chairs are stowed away and the sun canopy is heading to the recycle bin because last week's snow caused it to collapse beyond repair.

The leaves are off the trees and on the ground.  Swimming lessons, piano lessons, gymnastics and dance classes have all started.  So have volunteer duties, board meetings, and fundraising endeavours.

Big sister caught a fever bug.  It took her down and out for a couple days.  We're still waiting for her full return.  The talk around here is about costumes and pumpkin leaf bags, home-made soups, preparing for hibernation, and who's birthday in next?

What's up with you?

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