Monday, September 1, 2014

The Night Before the First Day of School

Tomorrow will be Lexi's first day of her school career. Five years old seems so little when it is your own. Callie will be starting grade two and is nearly two inches taller than she was at the end of grade one! I've been reading the posts from all you moms dropping your babies off at college and I dare not blink for I know that time goes fast. I am lucky that starting school for my girls actually means that they will be closer to me. And I'm not worried because they will be going to a school with an amazing staff of teachers and EA's who will take care of my girls like their own. I can guarantee that there will be some tears tomorrow...mostly because we will have to get out of bed before 10! Good luck to everyone on their "new starts" tomorrow!

We said good-bye to the beach this week.  

Au revoir l'été!  You were good to us.  
Tomorrow begins the next chapter.

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