Sunday, August 31, 2014


"Mom, I want to have a butterfly birthday".  
An interesting choice I thought.
But ask and you shall receive.  
Oh, my sweet little butterfly is five years old.  

On being five...

You love your momma so much.  
You fill my bucket full of hugs and kisses and snuggles everyday.  
You always surprise me with the kindest words and compliments.  Your manners are impressive.  Please and thank you are as natural to you as breathing.  
You are super friendly.  You are chatty.  
You are brave.  You like to try new things. 

You are a tough cookie.  Bumps, bruises and Band-aids know you well.
You love Ozzy.  You want to go horse riding.  
You want to join swimming lessons and dance class.  
You like playing Barbies and princesses and strawberries and playmobile and Lego and almost anything!
You like to play games and build puzzles.  Paint and Play-doh too.  
You like to sleep in mom's bed.  You like to snuggle me and watch my "house shows".
You like to sleep in late.  
You love going to the beach, swimming, camping, and catching frogs.  You are my little brown bear!

You love chocolate and all things sweet.
Spaghetti is your favorite supper.  Granola bars are your favorite snack.
You like the color blue.  Sophia the First is one of many favorite shows.  You love to watch movies.
You love to sing...especially if it bugs your sister.
You only wear dresses, skirts, and leggings.
You prefer one hair pony down low.
You take forever in the bathroom.

You love your new girl, Leonie.
Your dad lovingly calls you Rusty and grandma calls you Stinker Muffin.
You are kind and caring.  You are starting school this week.  You are the apple of your mama's eye.
You are my sweet, sweet baby girl.
You are five.

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