Saturday, August 23, 2014

What Happened to August?

Where did this month of summer go?  For us it was spent on the road.  I downloaded the Blogger app on my phone before we began our travels with the intention of posting as we went along but obviously that didn't happen.  Partly because the places we travelled had questionable cell service.  But mostly it was because I was so busy enjoying myself...visiting, seeing and doing things that the orange B on my phone got ignored.

Now it's time to look back to where we've been and answer the question...What did happen to August?  It started with a family reunion in a small country town.  

In true family reunion style there was lots of good company, lots of laughs, and delicious pot luck dinners. True pot-luck dinners.  The kind with no advance planning.  The kind where you just put what you got on the table and enjoy.  And I enjoyed more than my fair share of fresh picked raspberries!

This town has a lot of history for my mom's family.  I've been told stories of great grandparents homesteads and I've heard the many memories my family has from the area.  I have memories of my own from the family gatherings I went to as a kid.  My uncle has just began the journey of writing the history of this small village as part of his PhD.  I can't wait to read his work.

History is still being made in this town.  There are new cousins to meet, games of washer toss to be had, and little red wagon rides to be given.  

I'm sure if I looked back in family photo albums some version of these same pictures would be in them. There is such joy in seeing your own kids experiencing family history in the making, making their memoires to add to the collection.

There are more August vacation photos to come but first things first... we've got a special girl turning five tomorrow and I've got a lot of work to do!  There are pink, purple and blue streamers to be hung and some butterflies calling my name!

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