Sunday, October 5, 2014


We stopped all regular Sunday chores today and spent the afternoon making art instead.  The wind has been howling outside all day reminding us that winter is inevitably on it's way.  I have a feeling we will be trick or treating in snowsuits this year.  All the more reason to pour a coffee and light some pumpkin spice candles and get creative.  Funny thing, the girls actually made Christmas cards today.  Maybe the wind told them to start getting ready.

The seasons aren't the only thing changing around here.  We've been working some changes in the girls rooms, getting them ready for growing girls and their changing styles and preferences.  Pictures will come if I ever get all of the projects that I've started finished.  Right now, our sleeping arrangements are in limbo.  Callie is still fighting a barking cough that just won't let go.  And Lexi was as big girl as it gets on Saturday.   She went to her first birthday party without her big sister! This is a pretty big deal since Lexi has stayed home with mom many a times when Callie has headed off to a classmates party.  Little sister is spreading her wings, making friends of her own, packing her own lunch box, and dancing down main street!

I'm off now to get the winter jackets out.  Let's hope they fit and feel right in the morning.  It's going to be a chilly one.

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