Monday, October 13, 2014

Warm & Fuzzy Thanksgiving

Callie and I had a little discussion last week about why we get to have an extra at home day this weekend.  I did my best to enlighten her seven year old mind about some of the things that we take for granted everyday and explained that Thanksgiving is a time when we can take a minute to think about and appreciate these things...which aren't actually things.  Things like our health and the health of our family, our peace and our freedoms and our love for our family and friends.  I figured I had prepared her well for when the school teacher sat them down to brainstorm their lists of what they were thankful for.  

When she brought her papers home on Friday, she had a pretty good list: 

Mother Nature pulled through and gave us an absolutely gorgeous, most perfect, beautiful weekend to count our blessings.  I had so many warm fuzzy moments.  The ones that just kinda creep up on you while you're just going about your day and they bring a wave of happiness and inner peace for no particular reason.  Like the moment when Jon and I were sitting on the deck Saturday morning, warm coffee in our hands, autumn sun beaming down on our faces, listening and watching the girls have a picnic snack on the trampoline...the warm fuzzy wave hit me.  Just an ordinary moment that I'm so thankful to have had. 

Moments like watching them play in the leaves and drive their Jeep around the yard brought more waves of warm fuzzies. And it makes me think about how that exact moment won't ever happen again. Which is a little sad but exciting at the same time.  It's exciting to think about what the future warm fuzzy moments will be.

The girls also had lots of warm fuzzy moments playing with their cousins...

And yes, these photos have a little hint of Christmas to them.  Traditions will be changing for the holidays this year and our snow birds will be flying south a little earlier than usual.  So Christmas came on Thanksgiving.  Just in case there weren't enough regular moments this weekend to bring waves of warm fuzzies, check out the smiles on these girls...

Oh, so much to be thankful for.

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