Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Kitchen Table

I just finished searching "painted kitchen tables" on Pinterest.  I would like this to be my house...maybe not so country-ish but I love all the color.

Here's the link to this cozy place.
I don't know why everything in my house is brown or beige. They just keeps sneaking their way in through the door.  Someday I might be adventurous and try painting our kitchen table. I never protect it with table cloths or place-mats anymore. It has scratches and divots and bumps and bruises from the last ten years of living.  A lot of life happens around the kitchen table.  And a lot of memories are made.  I don't want a new table.  I just want someone to come and paint the one I have! 

Here's what's been happening around our kitchen table lately...

Yesterday we turned the kitchen chairs around and looked out the window and saw that we had a some company.

We watched this little guy for at least an hour feasting on something just behind that cement wall.  He wasn't worried a single bit about having a painted kitchen table to make memories at!

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