Sunday, February 17, 2013


Early Saturday morning I packed up the girls and we went on a road trip.  A short road trip but still an adventure.  I have never been to this festival before and I probably would never have gone if it wasn't for my friend Marlene's encouragement.  I mostly went just to visit with my friend but we also got a healthy dose of history and culture.

The girls played forever at Fort Whoop-it-Up in this canoe taking their imaginary voyages on the fur trade route.  We cheered on my friend's husband as he competed to be the King Trapper.  We watched a few events...bannock making, fish filleting, trap setting and nail driving.  It was kinda like watching the grade six social studies curriculum come alive.

The girls had three favorites from this day.  First was watching the dog sled races take off.  There were A LOT of dogs.  And a lot of barking. We met a boy named Trevor who was 13 years old.  He showed us his sled and let us take his picture.  We cheered for Trevor but we don't know how he made out because we didn't wait around till the end of the race.  Lexi asked all day, "When the puppies coming back?"

Second, after just receiving a remote control helicopter for her birthday, there was no way we could pass up the opportunity to go on a real helicopter ride.  The guy in the orange vest leading the way, he recognized me and my girls.  He was our pilot a few months ago.  

Helicopters are LOUD.  And the propellers blow snow in your face as you walk up to get in.  But the ride was very smooth and you get a really good view from all the windows.  It was not quite as picturesque as our plane ride in the fall since the land is all frozen and covered in white but still...a helicopter ride is pretty cool...another first for all of us.

And finally, the reason we came to this festival, we had a great visit with our good friends. These girls were born just five days apart six years ago.  So a little impromptu birthday celebration for them and some good coffee talk for the moms was a perfect end to our day.

We look forward to our next visit.  Wherever it may be.  We miss our friends.  It is always so much fun to make our memories together.

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