Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Yurt - Round 1

Remember how much fun we had yurting last year?  So much that early this spring when everything was still frozen solid white, I set my alarm early to get on the phone and the computer at the same time in hopes of being lucky enough to book the ever so popular yurt.  It was a success!

Remember when Oprah went camping?  She didn't really feel the camping love.  But we sure do.  Maybe it's the sounds of nature or the all day fresh air.  Maybe it's the smell of the campfire or the satisfaction of toasting the perfect marshmallow.  Maybe it's because once you're there all the jobs and to-do lists you left at home get forgotten.  There are so many good things about camping but what does it for me are the smiles and excitement and enthusiasm from my girls.  These yurts are ten minutes away from our house and you would think we had taken them to the moon!  

Of course having a full supply of friends and family around to make memories with is like the chocolate on the s'more!

And just when you think you've had the most fun and done all that there is possibly to do, it's time to go back home...

...and restock and regroup and get ready to do it all again!!!  Oh, we can hardly wait to share this place with our special guests!

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