Monday, June 30, 2014

Summer Feeling

Today is one of my most favorite days of the year.  The entire summer awaits us.  We've got some planned days and we've got a whole bunch of unplanned days.  Doesn't that sound dreamy?  Will we still do home reading and practice piano?  Probably.  But we all know how different it feels when you don't have to do something.  Not having to get up and go in the morning is a pretty good feeling.  

I'm starting to realize how quickly the school years are going to pass by.  And I will always be in awe of the how much these little students learn, accomplish, and grow both in height and in maturity over the year.  They are not the same kids leaving in June that started in September.  Callie rocked this grade one thing.  She worked hard.   She learned to English and French.  She rode her bike to school. She made great friendships. She loved her teachers. She made us proud.  And now it's time to rest and have some fun. 

Starting with our Festival Day rides...

The whole summer lies ahead.  Oh what a feeling!

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