Sunday, August 14, 2011

Home Town

I have lived in the same town my entire life.  Born and raised as they say.  And some days I wonder what it would be like to live somewhere else... maybe in the city with its theatres and shopping and fine dining or in the country with its dusty roads and wide open spaces.  But in the summer time, there is no place like this little town that we call home. 

Our town has a completely underdeveloped tourism industry.  The potential is there for this place to burst in the summer months like other resort towns with its miles of lake shores laden with beaches and its waters filled with a myriad of fish...a fisherman's dream.  Water sports and camping.  Parks and pools.  Festivals and events.  Yes, our little town is a gold mine...or should I say zinc mine.

It sounds like I work for northern tourism!

  Hay Day at the Zoo

Big sister was so sweet...taking care of little sis, taking her shoes off and holding her hand...waiting for their turn on the bouncy slide.  Although,  when it was finally Lexi's turn, she said, "no way, where's my mama?"

It is only to our benefit that our tourism potential has not been reached.  My beach blanket never has to overlap with the people next to us.  We got some last minute campsites booked.  There were still openings in the summer swimming lessons.  And there wasn't another boat in the bay at Nana's and Papa's as the kids were pulled round and round and round.

I've been watching my big girl's confidence grow this summer.  Jumping off diving boards, off the back of boats, off the end of the dock...still with plenty of encouragement but she's doing it!  And Lexi, with all her timidness, has no fear of the water.  She always trying to keep up with the big kids. I often have to remind her that she's only turning two not five like big sister.

     This was actually a park day, not a beach day... bathing suits anyone?

As our summer days fly by, we will continue to fill our days enjoying our home town.   Taking the girls to beaches and parks and pools and community events.  I want them to know that it's OK to dream and wonder about far off places and maybe their lives will take them to some of the places they dream of...but it's also OK to bloom where you are planted.

We're happy to be planted on this beautiful piece of earth.  Good Night.

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Christine said...

Great photos once again Carrie..... maybe you should submit your section to a magazine/brochure for northern I however, I think we might make most of our money from copper?? Nice to see someone else grabbed your cam and you got in on some snuggle mom pics!