Monday, December 19, 2011


Someone mentioned today that in one week it will all be over.  And that it will, but oh what a week it will be!  Because most often, the anticipation is just as sweet as the prize and this week leading up to Christmas Day is no exception. 

In anticipation, the girls decked their bedroom halls...

There are precious memories to be made this week. 

Callie has been asking for "feet" pyjamas since last year when she grew too tall for the pink polka-dot pair she had.  And feet jammies in big girl sizes are not easy to find... but thanks to JC Penny the girls are strutting their Christmas stuff in their new Tinkerbell and Dora fuzzy jam-jams.  And so you know, I have to peel these jammies off them to get them in the wash.  Last Friday these jammies made Callie's brief encounter with the stomach flu just a little more bearable... because she was heart-broken (okay, I was heart-broken) when she had to miss her pre-school Christmas concert due to the spit-ups...the name we choose to use for the stomach flu.

The girls found a treasure map behind door number 16 in the advent calendar.  It lead them up the stairs, into the laundry room and inside the drier.

In the drier they found a couple of gingerbread kits. 

Treasures maps are fun... we're makin' memories baby!

 For all you gingerbread rolling, baking, cutting, shaping, constructing with just the right icing from scratch moms out there... you go sisters! 

But these pre-made kits rock.

Just ask Lexi...
She ate a few of the candies.
But a few did make it onto the gingerbread train that she got to build by default.  Callie picked the house.  And because she is the big sister, she seems to get to make these important decisions.

 These two buddies shared an order of rink fries on the weekend as they cheered on their big sisters in the Skating Club's Winter Ice Show....

It was the great save after missing the concert.
I got the chance to wave my proud momma freak flag.  And that guy on the ice dressed up as Frosty...

the best dad in the world.

Six more sleeps.

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