Saturday, December 21, 2013

First Day of Winter

Today was the first day of winter and day one of Christmas vacation.  And since we woke up to -41 degrees Celsius,  our at home days couldn't have started at a better time. What a dream to not have to get up and go out this morning.  You can be sure that I have candles flickering and heat pumping from the Yuletide fireplace on the TV tonight.

Our week in pictures...

The girls performed their skating skills in the ice show last weekend.  Little sister and big sister happen to be in the same skating group.  And it's not because little sister is so advanced that she skates with the big kids. No, it's because on the first day when the teacher tried to put Lexi in the group she belonged she held on tight to Callie's waist and started to cry.  I guess they decided to let her stay in her sister's group because she's been there ever since.  I will say that little sister tries her hardest to keep up to those big kids!

We put up the tree.  The best Christmas smell is when we bring in the frozen, cold, Douglas fir.  We buy our tree from a local service group and it comes all wrapped up so you never know what it's going to look like until you cut the strings and let the branches thaw out and unfold.  I took a look at our tree after it was all set up and said, "I'm disappointed".  The tree had some bare spots and I wished it was taller.  Callie asked, "Mom, why are you disappointed?  This is a perfect tree."  I bent down beside her and looked up at the tree from her perspective and said, "you're right sweetheart, it is perfect.  This tree needs us."  We can learn a lot from children.

Do parents ever tire of seeing their child on stage? I think not.  Callie's class sang about the Pere Noel and she practiced her line diligently in the days leading up to the concert...  Voici le verre de lait de Pere Noel. Yep, she was milk and the little guy next to her was cookies.  

Our cookies are made.  Presents are wrapped.  There are just four more doors on the advent calendar.  The weather outside is frightful but the yuletide fire on TV is so delightful...
Happy first official day of winter.
Let the holidays begin!

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