Saturday, April 25, 2015


The month of April is slipping away from us.  The earth is waking up from it's hibernation.  The trees are wiping the sleep from their eyes and preparing to make their magical transformation from lifeless dormancy to beautiful shades of green.  It's always hard to pinpoint the moment that the trees go from sleeping to full on party mode.  Sometimes it literally just happens overnight.  And if you look away for just a day or two you miss it. 

Our kids change with the seasons.  We can't really pinpoint when the change happens but as we're busy going from gymnastics to dance to work and to school changes are happening.  And then one day when you have a few minutes and really look at your kids, you see the changes and wonder when exactly did it they happen.


You wonder things like: "When did those pants get so short?"  "When did her hair get so long?"  "How are all those adult teeth going fit in that mouth?"  "Where did those dimples in her elbows go?"  "When did she get so brave?"  "When did she start asking such complicated questions?"  When you get busy and look away for a few days, like the trees, your children change overnight.

Even the ole boy Ozzy is getting older...


And the surest sign of growing up around here...sisters who are old enough to wash the dishes.  And just so you know, there was complaining that they didn't want to do them and arguing over who would wash and who would dry.  Yep, changing and growing...Happy Spring.

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