Thursday, November 19, 2015

It's Time

For the past three weeks it's felt like we've been living on borrowed time.  We generally hope that winter's snow will hold off long enough for us to take care of the trick or treating duties but after that, it's pretty much fair game.  Go ahead and snow.  So we've been waiting and waiting but Fall just keeps kicking winter's butt out of here.  

This crazy weather gets a persons internal compass all mixed up.  The days have been warm, dark and overcast and short on daylight.  We know we should technically be getting into the holiday spirit but it's almost like we don't know how to without snow drifts and frightful weather.  On the weekend we put up Christmas lights outside while the girls rode bikes and played!

Even the girls' artwork is all mixed up.  Lexi's painting holiday reds and greens and Callie's painting summer landscapes.  And the dad, well he decked the halls wearing shorts and flip flops and a toque.

But today alas, our world righted itself and we got dumped on.  We shoveled snow and talked about road conditions.  We marveled at how much better the lights looked covered in snow. There was barely a grumble about the snow today. It just felt like it was time.  And with nearly three extra weeks of fall you would think that we would be all prepared for the snow today.

But Lexi couldn't find any mitts, Callie's ski pants were too small, and I didn't have a snow brush in the truck.  Ha. Ha.  It was still a good day.  Definitely feeling more festive.  The yuletide fireplace is on the TV.  I was holding out until it felt like Christmas.  I think it might be time!

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