Monday, December 14, 2015

Warning: High on Christmas

We got a dump load of fresh, white, sparkly snow today!  The kind of snow that weighs down the tree branches and is so absolutely beautiful that when you stop to admire the view you are pretty sure you're in God's country.  One couldn't help but hum... in the lane snow is glistening, what a beautiful sight, were happy tonight, walking in a winter wonderland...

The snow, the twinkling lights, Christmas carols on the piano, my coffee and gingerbread cookie...I am in my happy place.  

The holiday traditions, old and new, are unfolding nicely.  There are maps in the advent calendar leading to little treasures.   The talking house is up and running with ma in her kerchief and I in my cap... There are new Christmas jammies to wear as we snuggle and read from the holiday collection of books.  Each year we add new books to the collection and because we pack them away with the decorations and such at the end of the holidays they feel special each year.

We've got some concerts coming up and a few more school and work days to endure.  We've got some more traditions to cover, some parties to host, some fun to be had, some Christmas cheer to spread, some movies to watch, some cookies to bake, some glasses to clink... it truly is The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

And now I'm off to settle my head for a long winter's nap before this post explodes from so much Christmas mushiness!

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