Monday, May 16, 2016

Mother's Day Love

There is no love like the Mother's Day love I received  from my girls.  And for that I must give a shout out to the dad and the teachers who teach our girls the importance of taking the time in life to reflect and extend gratitude to their momma!

If  you look closely, you'll see that what my girls love most about me are my culinary abilities.  My specialties include Kraft Dinner, cupcakes and toast!  I like to relax by reading a book, especially if     I'm lying on a beach somewhere and since my birthday party last year, these girls never get my age wrong anymore.  The part where it says I'm perfect, fun, kind and that I never scream or yell, well what can I say... just call me June Cleaver and I'll be sure to serve you up some gourmet KD and toast with a smile!  For the record, I do lose my marbles some days but it would seem that all the work I've done training my girls to look for the good in life is paying off in my favor.

We've spent a lot of time this week talking about our most valuable assets.  After watching and listening to the stories of the the people who had to evacuate from Fort McMurrary with short notice because of the wildfires, its almost impossible to not take a moment and look around and imagine what you would do in that situation.  To look around your at your home and your belongings, all the things you've worked hard to accumulate and then ask yourself, "What are the most important things? What, of all this stuff, is irreplaceable?  It surly didn't take long to realize that stuff is just stuff and the only truly irreplaceable things are our people.  

I got to spend Mother's Day with all my people.  Call me lucky, call me fortunate or blessed or spoiled or whatever.  Call me what you will, but I have a good life and I am beyond grateful for my people and I promise not to take them for granted.  Sometimes I think that if I'm grateful and thankful for my good life then it will serve as protection and work like bubble wrap to keep my precious life safe from bumps and bruises and breaks.  I know life doesn't exactly work that way and that sometimes not good things can happen to good people but it's still fun to imagine.

Callie is always asking me if I had just one wish, what would I wish for and I always give her the same answer. She always tries to change my mind by suggesting that my one wish should be for more wishes.  Lexi wants me to wish that everything was made of candy and that candy was healthy. Those are some pretty decent wishes...  

but I always say that my one wish would be that all my people would always be safe.  Now that may not sound as exciting as a million more wishes or a world made of candy but it's my wish and that's what I would choose.  Imagine a life where you never had to worry about your people.  Because stuff is stuff, but its your people that truly make life good.
Happy Mother's Day to all my peeps!

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