Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Pumpkins, Costumes and Treats

Last week we were talking Christmas, this week we're backing up the clock to Halloween. I put up a few decorations because I just can't help myself and the girls were in charge of designing their own pumpkin faces to carve.  

There were some pretty fancy pumpkin carving pictures being posted from friends around the internet but I have to say I kinda like Big Mouth and Noseless.  

As for costumes, Callie and her friend wanted to dress up as something together.  After scrolling costume sites online they decided to be a peanut butter and jam sandwich.

As for Lexi, she chose a tootsie roll costume but when it came in and she put it on, it just didn't meet her standards.  I'm not exactly sure what her standards were but whatever she had envisioned the tootsie roll would look like didn't match up with the reality.  She decided she would be a secret spy agent instead and this mom said go for it sista.  Sometimes I see photos of families all dressed up in a theme and think it looks pretty cool.  Like all Star Wars or John Travolta and the Pink Ladies from Grease.  When I see these pictures I always wonder how they get their kids to agree to the theme, cooperate, and actually put it on when its time.  Those are some challenges I'm just not interested in taking on.  I just let the girls pick whatever, because chances are whatever they pick will be stuffed under a winter jacket or squeezed over top.

Lexi changed her mind about being a tootsie roll but Ozzy didn't have that luxury.  Thankfully most of the early snow has melted and the temperatures were bearable for trick or treating this year.  The girls had a great time collecting their goodies with their friends.  They did lots of walking and their bags were full.  And everyone agrees, chocolate bars are the best treat. Personally, I like the licorice, Callie likes Mars, Lexi likes everything and the dad hardly touches the stuff.  
Happy Halloween!

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