Sunday, January 8, 2012

Over for Another Year

It is late. And I am tired.  Today was our last at home day and tomorrow we will return to the rhythm of our routines.  Christmas has officially been boxed up and returned to the storage room.  Old toys have been cleared out to make room for the new.  With so many new things and a promising new year and a wealth of good times with so many people we love over the past two weeks, there has to be some let down. Some kind of leveling off.  And this will happen in about seven hours.  And will likely take about seven days to fully adjust.

Tomorrow's lunch is in the fridge.  Laundry is done.  Bags are by the door. Living room is semi-picked up.  And before I go to bed, one last look ... 

...we are on our second roll of paper on the art easel and the wood along the edges has various colored marks on it.  Looks like we've had it forever.  Loving that.  The marble run has been built and demolished many times this week. wouldn't be Christmas without The Sound of Music.  And I think I hooked Callie in too.  All Jon could say was, "is it really four hours long?"  as he left to go fishing with his buddies.

...Lexi got a scratch on the corner of her eye.  No one knows when, where, or how it happened.  It just showed up. hmmm?

...we colored and we colored but we're not quite finished this work of art.

...Callie's ipad (so we call it) was a hit.  She loves the artist's studio and the photo lab apps.  And I'm sure she would say that her favorite thing about holidays is not combing her hair!

...we went sliding.  We went sliding A LOT.  While most of Canada was having a green Christmas we were getting dumped on.  The snow combined with the mildest temperatures imaginable made for some great days on the hill with friends.

I couldn't stop taking pictures of the kids.

Their faces say it all!

You know in the summertime there are those perfect beach days?  Well this day was winter's equivalent.

Thanks Christine for the group photo.
It is officially over for another year.  Good Night.

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Christine said...

Oh it really does look like we had so much fun! And to think it was hunger that drove us inside instead of cold fingers and frozen noses! It is always sad to box up Christmas, but on the plus side, we can count down to Spring Break (I think someone said 76 days).... and we all know how quick the school year ends once spring break is over:) We'll be back in our beach chairs in no time! Like you said today.."If this is winter, I'll take it!"