Thursday, January 26, 2012

One Year

This week was my one year anniversary of being a blogger.  I like that word blogger.  I like it because is sounds less threatening than I'm a writer.  I don't identify myself as a writer.  In my mind a writer doesn't start their sentences with And, So, But or Because.  They don't write in fragments or run-ons.  A writer writes drafts and revises and edits and probably knows something about the six traits.  A writer does not whip something up at midnight and hit publish post without proof-reading.

A writer, I am not, but I will accept blogger.  A person who logs the events of our family on the web.  Events like my two sweethearts having their morning cereal...

... it is these everyday moments that I love the most.  The ones that show our true lives.  And if a picture is worth a thousand words I would dare to say I could give you a thousand or so about this one simple picture of two girls and their breakfast.  There is a story for every pixel.  Like the story about why Lexi's finger is blue.  Or why she is still in her jammies and Callie is dressed with her hair combed.  I could tell about the curtains in the background and why they are always a mess.  How Callie came to get the orange bowl and why they are eating at the counter and not the table.  There is a story in every moment of our lives.

New shoes.  She said they were magic like the skates in The  Magic Hockey Skates book.  And they are fast too!

Some days the words come easy.  A steady click, click, click on the keyboard.  I know what I want to say, I am inspired, I am confident.  I am feeling the emotions and putting them out there. Making my mark.  Blogging our memories.

But there are times when I sit to write and I'm not feeling it.  Whatever it is.  Words aren't stringing themselves together. Or the moment I wanted to write about has passed or the post that I really wanted to rock gets cut short because it got too late and I needed sleep. And it is at these times I remind myself of why I blog.  And I have thought a lot about why I blog our life stories over this past year because I started for one reason and when that reason came to an end I continued for other reasons. 

I enjoy it. 
It makes me happy. 
It causes me to take my time and reflect on the small things.
The everyday things.
And it's place to celebrate.
The tiny achievements.
And the big things too.

On those days when my writing feels forced I remind myself that everything does not have to be a masterpiece.  That no one is marking me or grading me.  And I look at my list of 10 followers... my family and friends, and I feel supported and encouragement.  And I know they will be happy with anything I write because they are all in my corner. 

I have to give a shout out to my humble followers... Christine my loyal commenter and Megan my only follower I have never met who stumbled upon my blog and often stops by with kind words.  Shaun, who always calls me with her comments, Jon who sends me a text that says, "great blog today, babe". And the others who email, text, or facebook me your thoughts because you can't figure out how to comment on blogger or you don't want to create an account!  It doesn't take much to keep me motivated to write about my two lead characters.

A year ago, on a random January day, I sat at my computer in the same spot I am sitting in now and I was prompted to enter a title for this blog.  What was this space going to be?  What was I going to say?  How long am I going to do this?  Will I be committed?  Who will read this?  How will I be judged?

What shall I call it?

From The Heart come from my strong belief that if you speak your truth, honestly, from the deepest part of your heart and soul, the answers to all those questions won't matter.  I will keep writing our story until...


Megan said...

Happy one year to you! I do enjoy your big and truly feel that you're posts are from the heart :)

It was funny...I read this on my phone and I kept scrolling back up to the cereal picture to look for all the things you mentioned (blue finger, messy curtains, etc) lol!

Looking forward to more posts in the year to come!

Christine said...

Can hardly wait to share coffee and look at the published book! I know that is your plan to turn your blog into a beautiful book to cherish forever.

I know this why? Because your blog inspires our conversations. I love that you write from the heart because even though I have know you for more years than I can count on my fingers and toes, we don't always talk about the little daily things. And even though I see your kiddos on a weekly basis, I love sharing in the moments that I am never there for, like the breakfast cereal! You are a good writer, you have a way with words but if you prefer the title blogger, then a blogger you are and a darn good one!

Here's to your next year, I look forward to sharing in the memories!

Christine said...

Oh and I love the new header...whatever will we do without picnik?

Shaun said...

i'm gonna figure this out...

Shaun said...

I did it! okay it was just as easy as you said. I'm laughing at myself!! not sure what the problem was now.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your one year! I can't believe it has been that long. That is an accomplishment. You are creating a gift for your family that is priceless and remarkable. I'm proud of your dedication and your talent. You go girl!! Put the laundry on hold and BLOG!

Shaun said...

omg! that was me anonymous LOL

Kathy Galbraith said...

I love your blog ... I am always anticipating the next one, with the same eagerness that I can't wait for the next installment of Masterpiece Theater's 'Downton Abbey'. My 2 most favorite things to follow. Your are a gifted weaver of words and I tear up, laugh & smile as I read them.