Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nana, Papa and Grandpa

Yesterday was a great day.  My mother and father-in-law, the girls' Nana and Papa, made it home safe and sound from their long trip.  At least that's what we've been calling it to Callie and Lexi.  Nana and Papa are actually snow birds who have been escaping our nasty, northern winters for a lot of years now... and yesterday they returned after nearly 3 months of skyping, messaging and texting.  Their absence was one of the reasons my blog they could be voyeurs into the daily life of their grandgirls.  They could read the story's of our days just as we would tell them if they were here. 

Lovin our new jammies and the evening sunshine beaming through the living room windows.
 Technology is amazing...keeping us connected, up to date, never alone...but it will never be a substitute for the real thing.  Technology cannot give you a real hug where you can smell the person's perfume or feel a heart beating as you embrace each other closely. is a substitute...but it is not human.

 Of course, Nana and Papa came bearing gifts.  Birthday gifts and gifts just because.  The aura of excitement in the air when children are tearing paper off gifts can be described and watched via technology...but can only be felt in your heart when one is there in person to breathe it in. We are so happy to have Nana and Papa home to breathe in that excitement.

One of the girls' gifts was a book.  It is a story about a Grandpa who takes his granddaughter to see the Grand Canyon.  Callie loved the story.  And it is a perfect story for her because of her imaginary Grandpa. Some kids have imaginary big girl has an imaginary Grandpa.

This imaginary Grandpa joined our family about a year ago.  He showed up in our home shortly after we had taken a trip to visit her Great-Grandpa who lives in a personal care home several hours away.  Callie's "Grandpa" would buy her new Dora shoes, he has every toy at his house, he let's her do things like put her feet on the table, he takes her skating and swimming.  This "Grandpa"  is pretty amazing. 

One day I asked her which Grandpa she was talking about because she doesn't have a Grandpa (both her grandfathers have the title Papa).  She replied, "I do have a Grandpa.  He lives in the hospital."  I go on to explain that all these things she is doing with her Grandpa sound wonderful but they aren't true.  Callie looked at me like I was crazy and said, "I know mom!  It's just pretend."

More sunshine.
 Ever since that response I have never questioned her relationship with her "Grandpa". We have welcomed him into our family and he is here so often that we don't even notice him anymore.  That is until someone outside our imaginary family makes a comment about all the things she does with her "Grandpa".  He is such a part of our life that I now talk about him like he is real.  I say things like, "Maybe your Grandpa will buy that for you; Ask your grandpa to help you; You can finger paint at Grandpa's house." 

If only her great-grandpa knew all the joy he brings to Callie.  I picture him doing all these things with her and it brings a smile to my face.  Get ready Grandpa because your next trip is to the Grand Canyon!

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