Friday, March 18, 2011


Friday night is starting like this...

A glass of wine and a shmucked up computer screen with a missing question mark key.  My girls are tucked  into their beds, their breaths steady... in and out.  They are resting up for the weekend.  Their at home days.

Yesterday, St. Patrick's Day, I forgot to wear green.  I forgot to dress the girls in green.  I forgot to to put the "Dad's Lady Luck" shirt on Lexi.  It's kinda a one chance shirt.  We don't really celebrate St. Patty's for a week or a season like other holidays. And I forgot... I forget a lot of things. 

Instead, my sweethearts wore pink and purple. 

That baby has been her best friend this week.  His name is Jake...a confident boy who wears pink.
When I picked Callie up from preschool yesterday she revealed to me, in the most serious, this is fact voice..."If you don't wear green on Leprechaun day, you will get a pinch.  I sure hope I don't get a pinch because I'm not wearing green."  What?  I have never heard of this pinching business before.  Is it true?  She goes on to tell  me that Leprechauns can be sneaky and she is going to be very careful not to get pinched today. 

Someday I'll  be one of those mom's with a spreadsheet magneted to the fridge clearly depicting what color is to be worn on what day, where exactly to be at what time, stickers for doctor's appointments and playdates...who am I kidding?  I'd print the spreadsheet then forget where I put it!

I forgot to wear green because I was too preoccupied with thinking about spring.  More like thinking "where the hell is spring?"  We got up to -25 this morning.  With the first day of spring only a couple of days away...something miraculous better happen! 

To help hurry the transition into the next season we stopped at the store on our way home and got ourselves some rubbers.  Rubber boots that is.

Callie picked the blue pair...because that is her dad's favorite color.  And I'm sure that Callie has a pair or two of hand me down water boots that would be perfectly fine for Lexi to wear...but she was sooo adorable oohing and uuuhhhing and pointing at the pair she wanted I got her a new pair too.  And really, I have no idea which box those hand-me-down boots are in.  Too bad I didn't make a spreadsheet depicting what is in that stack of boxes downstairs as I packed up Callie's too small treasures.

We also picked up some ice cream sandwich bars.  Why not?  It's almost spring. 

Let the weekend begin.  A  two day mini va-cay.  Enjoy.

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