Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Inbetween Days

There are some days that are just your regular run of the mill days.  I call these the inbetween days...the days inbetween parties or events...the days inbetween vacations or long weekends.  These in between days make up the majority of our lives and today was one of them.

An inbetween day looks like this when we arrive home...

This morning when I was getting beautified for work, I looked in the mirror and thought for the umteenth time...I should make an appointment for a haircut.  That is how an inbetween day starts.  I think it, I know it would do me a world of good to get a little trim, maybe a new color and yet...I did nothing about it. 

And today at work, my heel fell off my favorite, most comfortable, worked in, fit like a glove black boots.  I have known for a while that I needed to get a new pair...possibly a more modern, cooler, rocker girl type appropriate but with an edge.  And I did the unthinkable.  I taped my heel back on my boot, I examined it in the mirror and thought "hey, not bad." 

What is wrong with me!!!!  When did this happen to me.  When did I turn into the person who thinks its okay to wear boots with a taped heel?  And I'm telling myself that I can't wear them anymore but I know tomorrow morning, when its time to leave the house, I am going to look at them and think, "well the tape is clear... I'm sure nobody will notice...maybe I'll wear them just one more time."  I repeat, What is wrong with me!!!  Have I finally "Let myself go"?  I want to shout at myself - Go and get yourself a hair cut... and buy some new boots while your at it!

Ahh yes, an inbetween day.  Just the normal procrastinating and putting off until tomorrow kinda day.  Inbetween days are necessary and they make up the bulk of our life.  Today I burned my grilled cheese sandwich and thought -oh well- and began to eat it.  After two bites I ask again, What is wrong with me!!!  I decided to throw it out and start over.

When Callie put her jammies on tonight she managed to get the top on backwards.  She literally had a monkey on her back.  On an inbetween day we wear boots with a taped heel, we put our jammies on backwards, we read books, and we play.

I'm sure that there are profound reasons why these inbetween days are so important to our overall well-being...but my brain is too tired to ponder them right now.  I am completely open to suggestions and to the wisdom of others today.

Happy inbetween day.

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