Monday, February 28, 2011

A Few of my Fav's

At any given stage of the girls' lives, there are certain aspects that I can't wait to move on from.  At the same time I wish (insert behavior here) would stop, there are so many things I want to freeze in time. 

Today, my list of favorite things that I want to bag and cryogenically freeze...just like Austin Powers - Ya Baby

1. Callie's smirk when she trying to hold back her smile.  Just use the old reverse psychology trick and say "don't you smile..."  and she gives the sweetest, tight lipped grin.

2. Our first ever pigtails.  I'm not sure why I waited so long to try these out on her.  Now I'm obsessed with them.  I can hardly wait for summer when they don't have to get squished under a toque.

3. The way Lexi can tell a whole story through her grunting and ooohing and pointing.  She comes running and tattles on herself pointing and uuuhhh, uuuhhhh, uuuhhhing and pulling you by the finger to show you the puddle on the floor that she created by draining the water cooler.

4. All the gaps in her toothy grin which will soon be closed in because today a tooth finally wiggled it's way through her tender little gums.

5. Just as Callie was weening herself of the Mickey Crack addiction...Lexi picked it up.  Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog.

6. Crazy dancing and Gene Simmons tongue.  We love to have dance parties on Friday to kick start the weekend.  Callie's dance moves are similar to Elaine's from Seinfeld. 

7. The way Lexi searches for Callie the moment she gets out of bed to give her a hug.  I have yet to be organized enough to capture this moment on camera but trust me...the purest display of sisterly love.

8. When Lexi puts all her trust in Dr. Callie.  Lexi has seen many different doctors in her little life and Dr. Callie is by far her favorite.  Callie told me Lexi has a fever and prescribed her some antibiotics for her ear infection...oh ya, and she's fussin' because she's growing a new tooth.

9. That Callie asks if Lexi can sleep with her in her bed when she gets bigger.  Callie thinks it would be a great thing to share her big bed and her room with little sister.

10. That they are not too cool to hang out with their mama.  I remind myself constantly that their "always wanting to be where I am" will not last forever. Although there are the days I wish I had the bathroom to myself, at least for a moment, but I will forgo that small pleasure just to have the feeling of "my mom is so cool I'll even hang in the bathroom with her!"

Good Night.

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