Saturday, February 26, 2011

Filling the Gaps

Last night we did something that we don't do very often.  Jon and I went out together.  We went out together with our close friends for a great night of rejuvenation. It was a recharge for our grown-up selves and a much needed deposit to our social life that didn't include work or activities with the kids.  So on a Friday night, instead of slipping into my comfy Lulu's I pulled on my high heeled boots and put on my dangley earrings...the long sparkly ones that I love and I'm always looking for an occasion to wear them.

Eyeing up the blue marker...
 An ode to friends...where would we be in this world without friend love?  The love that fills in the cracks between hubby love and baby's love and family love.  Friends are there to fill in the gaps. Sometimes these gaps are wide and you need to count on a lot of friends to stop the breeze from blowing through and at other times the gaps are narrow and can be filled with a phone call.  Whatever size the gap...we filled it last night with conversation and laughs, with music and trivia (what is a tittle?), with appies and drinks...with close friends.  The kinda friends we've known so long that there is no getting to know you questions or small talk.  The kinda friends who get your humor and can talk about anything.  Daily friends.  Friends who are close both in proximity and relationship.  Friends that you could see daily if you chose to.

The swipe
 Whenever I am out with Daily friends I always have a moment of thought about my Far Away friends. 
Depending on where I am and what activity is happening I have a flash of a faraway friend and think "oh I wish so-and-so was here.  She'd have a blast."  An ode to my far away friends...friends that fill the gaps with phone calls and emails and status updates...with weekend visits and holiday plans.  To my far away friends who at one time or another were a Daily friend.  I miss you.
Proud Swiper.
 Today my gaps are all filled.  Not even a whisper of a breeze blowing through.  And despite our great night of grown-up time...I missed the girls.  Jon and I broke all the rules of couple time.  We talked about the girls to each other, we called home to check on them even though they were in the completely capable hands of grandma and papa, and we looked at their picture on our phone each time we clicked it on to check the time.  But we know we have to keep the gaps filled...  then nothing can slip through. 

Swiper is no match for big sister.

Have a great weekend.

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