Friday, February 4, 2011

Play Time

Watching my girls play is one of my favorite past-times.  The kind of play that involves conversations between stuffies or little people.  Those moments when they are completely engrossed in their imaginative lives they don't even know the world is existing around them.  The kind of play that makes me tiptoe around as to not create any distractions from this fabulous world that they are in.  So careful am I that I fear the click of a camera will disrupt the thought process and the magical world they are in will disappear and then instantly they will come back to reality and start asking for snacks and drinks and TV shows.

I marvel at games that involves chairs and empty water bottles and laundry baskets.

As I go about doing the tedious task of putting away the clean laundry I come upon this sign hung on Callie's door and suddenly my heart melts.  Her person now has more than just one strand of hair standing straight up like a unicorn on its head.  And those letters...they mean something.  They mean something in that magical world of play that she lives is.  And when did she get to be such a big girl?  The kind of girl who makes her people with hair and hangs signs on her bedroom door.

Some days, when I'm in one of those worrying moods, I stress about my girls growing up. When they come out of this safe and protected magical world of make-believe and start real friendships. I ask myself... Am I giving them the tools they need to survive girl world?  Am I fostering self-esteem and confidence?  Am I doing all the things a mom needs to do to prepare my sweet angels for the day they are told, "You're not my friend."

So, on my bedside table I have books like these...

I read and hope that the four steps will be the answers that I'm looking for and put my worries to rest.  I reread and make notes and think maybe my girls won't go through this...yet I know they will.  Eventually the worry subsides and I file the book on my shelf with the others on this topic. 

And now I am back to the present day.  It is Friday.  And we are home after a week of work and day care and preschool.  And my girls are present.  We walk in the door and say goodbye to the week and hello to the weekend. The first words out of Big Girl's mouth...Can I have a snack, a drink, and a TV?...

She found her bike helmet in the garage on the way into the house today.

...and little sister wants to be just like big girl.
Let the weekend begin.

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