Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cake Envy and The End of Birthweek

Today marks the end of Callie's "Birthweek" celebration.  Today was her official Care Bear Birthday Party celebration with her little friends.  Our day started at 6:30am with our big girl stumbling out of her bedroom barely awake, rubbing her eyes, and the first words out of her mouth...spoken with that raspy, scratchy  morning voice that we have when we haven't spoken in a while..."When will my friends be here?" 

I love this this question for the shear fact that she is still so completely innocent and unaware of the societal norms that we must subscribe to...and being oblivious to these social requirements is what makes being a kid so great.  She is completely unaware that we have yet to get dressed, no one has brushed their teeth, there are no snacks made, the kitchen is a mess and there is no cake for the party.  And, not to mention, it is still dark as night outside even though technically it is morning.

So let's talk about cake.  I have to admit that I have deep rooted cake envy.  I have always admired the beautiful cakes that I have seen other moms whip up for their kids.  You know who you are... the Train building, Digger making, Barbie Doll Princess creating moms.  This is one art that I just haven't attempted but have such jealousy for.  Especially the rolled fondant cake makers out there...oh I'm so jealous.  Cake making is on my know that To Do list...or Bucket List...whatever you want to call it.  Someday I will learn how but for now I decided to practice on cupcakes.  My cousin had posted a picture of rainbow cupcakes that she had made for her daughter's birthday...and me...with my cake envy and all..was inspired.  So I headed to the cake decorating deparment at Wal-Mart and voila...they ended up looking pretty good...

She couldn't resit offering her help...such beautiful, bright, enticing colors.
They tasted pretty delicious too.  Callie happily toted them off to daycare and preschool for her birthday celebrations.

But for today...the official Care Bear Birthday Party...we did what has become somewhat of a tradition at our house.  We ordered the Care Bear cake from the infamous book at the grocery store.  And as it turns was good and delicious and perfect just the same as a beautiful rolled fondant cake with tiny little hand-made Care Bears on it would be.  It was perfect for the same reason that Callie was ready for her friends to come over at 6:30am.  The her eyes their is no difference between this store bought beauty and one that had hours of input.

I believe love is in the details.  It doesn't matter what detail you focus your attention.  Just pick the detail you enjoy most and exploit it.  We had rainbow balloons and Care Bear the heart on Love-a Lot and a Care Bear coloring table... treat bags and wall art.  I like to decorate...that is the detail I chose to exploit this time.

Callie loved the helium balloons.  Lexi was terrified of them!  Terrified in that funny kinda way...the kinda way that makes a big sister chase after her with a balloon telling her not to be scared and a little sister screaming with panic. 

There was no way Lexi would stay away from the coloring table.  We finally gave up.
Birthweek is over and it is now time for a rest and time to ween ourselves from the sugar.  We will play with all the new treasures and Callie can proudly say "I'm four years old."  When I tucked her into bed tonight she whispers, "When I'm 5 I want a Buzz Lightyear Party." I won't start planning just yet...she may change her mind.

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