Sunday, February 6, 2011

Brain Switch

There is  a song that comes to mind when I think about weekends. 

"Everybody's working for the weekend..."  (The 80's classic by Loverboy.)

Especially weekends that are jammed packed full of great stuff that when the dust finally settles on Sunday evening... after supper dishes are done, babies are bathed, read to, and tucked is time for the brain switch.  The switch from "care-free, lovin' life" weekend mode to the "what needs to get done" work week mode.

It's just like when I was a kid and Sunday night would come and Mom would ask, "Do you have your homework done?"  I would glance over at my back-pack that hadn't been moved since Friday.  It was time for the brain switch.

And tonight, after a "lovin' life" weekend, I glance at the laundry that is still piled high and its time for the switch.  But not until we look at what a glorious weekend it was.

We had a big moment.  A moment that has been four years in the making.  In preparation for her upcoming birthday, Callie got her first haircut.  Yes, I said first.  Her beautiful curls took so long to grow that the thought of cutting it was unbearable.  But it was time.  The major bed head coupled with your standard winter static and hat hair dictated that it was time for a trim. 

I had been coaching her all week about what to expect when getting your hair cut.  And each time I was countered with the response "I'm not getting my hair cut".  Needless to say, I was a little nervous about the scene that may be created at the hair salon for this photo op.

But I can tell you...I was a proud Mama.

This weekend was jammed packed full of first haircuts, lunches in restaurants, coffee with friends and play dates for kids.  And we needed get welcome February as a family...

And let it be known, it is Birthday Week!  It is no secret that I like birthdays.  I've always felt that a single day was never enough to give justice to the day we joined this world... so I would like to announce... Birthweek.  And it started today. A celebration with family and cousins and of course cake.

Now it is time for the switch.  I will put the weekend and the blog to rest and I will do the brain switch.  I am entering work week mode...laundry here I come.

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