Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Some Days

"Some days are better than others..." Charlie Major

If my blog had music that is the song that would be playing.  Today was one of those long days that seem to last forever.  It is Wednesday and the climb to the summit of Hump Day was strenuous and draining.  Maybe it's because I worked through lunch.  Maybe it's because the north wind was blowing snow off the rooftops and with it all the hope and feelings of spring that were here just a few days ago.  Maybe I'm just tired.

All I can say about days like these is...  I need a vacation!  We need to have a little bump in the daily routine.  A break from the daily grind.  We need some unscheduled days, lazy jammie mornings, a road trip...a little getaway.  Maybe even a little chaos... and a lot of fun.  Some craziness that will make us appreciate the routine days.

Where's the beach?

Long days like today cause me to be short on words and unable to think clearly because all I can hear is my bed calling my name... summoning me to crawl into its cozy covers and close my eyes.  Tomorrow will be a new day...a better day.  We will be on the downhill slide...coasting to the weekend and closer to a vacation.

Some days we all need a little boost.

 Good Night.

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