Sunday, March 20, 2011

Out of Hibernation

Today is the first day of spring and this weekend we finally came out of hibernation. This weekend we did some things that we hadn't done since the winter took hold and held us hostage for months.

Yesterday, the girls and I took the short trek across the road to have coffee with daddy at the shop.  We hadn't been over there for a coffee break since last August.  Not much had changed at the shop but a lot had changed at our end.  Lexi was not walking the last time we visited daddy at work and this time she tore up the place.

It is a sure sign that we have come out of hibernation when you see the three of us running across the road from our house to the shop with no jackets... I have coffee and juice boxes and snacks in one hand and Lexi in the other trying not to slip on the icy road that is starting to soften and melt as the sun gets higher in the sky. 

This weekend our extended family came out of hibernation.  We had family in town visiting from the west coast.  The glorious west coast where the grass is green and flowers are blooming... where spring is only a slight change from winter.  They made the long trip to experience the first day of spring...northern style.  And it took this far away family visiting us to bring the close by family out of hibernation.  What better way to greet spring than visiting and laughing and reminiscing with family.  And you know you have something special in a family when things pick up exactly where they left off...whether it has been a day, weeks or months since the last time you talked.  There is a comfort and unspoken love that is always present.  The kind of love where you know you are thought of and cared for...where if you needed someone they'd be there for you...the kind of love where you don't even have to say anything to feel it and know that it is there.  Welcome to the blog family!

The end of hibernation... that means we had to put the new boots to the test. And they were perfect...

And what would the first day of spring be without the start of spring cleaning?  I started with the fridge because Old Mother Hubbard's cupboard was bare and with the fridge so empty the splashes and spills could not be ignored.  It's one of those jobs that seems so daunting a task but once you get started it's not so bad.  And when you are done, you open the door just to look at the gleaming shelves and organized condiments.  And then you start making rules like ....salad dressings go here and sauces over there and if we just wipe it regularly it wouldn't get so bad...but really, before you know it, it is back to all its glory of spilled milk and "just throw out the whole container because I'm too scared to open it."

Ahh yes..spring cleaning.  At least I had some help.

On the calendar spring has arrived.  And like the bears who have been sleeping all winter, we will wipe the sleep from our eyes and start moving...slowly...looking for food...and our family and friends who have also been sleeping.  Hello spring.  It's nice to see you.  It's been awhile but we will pick up right where we left off.


Jon said...

sure looks like your helper had fun.

Carrie said...

Yes, my little helper had lots of fun. I'm not sure where her dad was when she was climbing in the fridge!!!