Sunday, March 13, 2011


Time... It flies.  It heals all wounds. It runs out. It is managed.  It is of the essence. And today, it sprang ahead. Today we are shorted an hour of our weekend.  Only 23 hours in this day and when you already feel like you don't have enough time...springing ahead an hour doesn't seem like a great idea.  To make up for this loss, we crammed as many things into our weekend as we could.

Yesterday I took Callie to her first Carnival.  Not a carnival in the grandest sense of the word but a perfect, indoor, small town carnival with a bouncy house and games that earn you tickets that can be cashed in for wonderful treasures and of course cotton candy and popcorn. 

Callie chose the pink pterodactyl as her awesome prize with very legitimate four year old reasoning... pink because it was a girl and the pterodactyl because it was smiling so then Lexi wouldn't be scared of it.  The T-Rex's teeth looked mad and none of the others were pink.  Even with all her thoughtfulness and her compassion for her sisters feelings, pterodactyl got banished to the laundry room because Lexi's was terrified.

Time... It is precious.  We can loose track of it.  Especially in the company of good friends.   This weekend we spent precious time enjoying the company of friends.  We went sliding and had a pizza party.  I thought it would be fun if all the kids could make their own individual pizzas.  I had the dough rolled out and put on individual plates all ready to be decorated with the toppings of their choice.  Then came the hmmmm?  How am I going to get the pizza off the plate and onto the baking sheet to cook? 

If you ever want to have one of these individual pizza type parties here is the secret.  At the suggestion of my genius friend...put the pizza dough crust on aluminum foil and then decorate it. (Don't forget to spray the foil.) The pizzas easily moved from the table, where the kids were pizza artists, to the baking sheet to be put in the oven. And they turned out perfectly. 

And since I'm talking about time.  It took a little time to prep for a mini pizza party.  But it was time well invested.  Invested in friends.  Invested in family.  Invested in making memories.

We did have some quiet time mixed in throughout the fun.  A little too quiet.  You know the kind of quiet that gets your mom radar fired up.  The kind of quiet that has you asking...what are they up too?  I saw the evidence...a kitchen chair pushed up to the counter.  I never thought much of it until Lexi came running and uuhh, uuhh, uuhhhing and pointing to the carpet in Callie's room.

Oh the sticky mess of International Delight coffee cream soaked into a cheap, purple Walmart rug.  On a positive note, the smell was quite pleasing.  It sorta smelled like fresh baked cookies.  But really, who has the time to steam clean the carpet on a day that only has 23 hours?

Time... It gets wasted.  It gets killed.  And today we lost it.  But that lost hour is the start of something beautiful.  The start of more time.  More time in the daylight.

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