Friday, March 25, 2011

Good Times

Spring Break!!!!!!!!!  Look out Fort I come.  Well, not quite.  There was a time when a Fort Lauderdale spring break was enticing... but not this year.  Likely because I am still using my "I just had a baby"  excuse for not exercising and anything made of spandex with the word string in it would run away screaming if I introduced it to my body.  Since my "just had a baby" excuse is slowing creeping up to the two year mark...I am looking for a new one.   I am taking suggestions.  Please leave a comment with your best excuse not to exercise. 

I think  one of the best things about being a mom in my thirties is that I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything.  I'm okay with the fact that I won't be packing suntan oil and flip flops and heading out where the music is pumping and the drinks with umbrellas are flowing a little too easily.  I've experience those good times.  And let me tell ya...they were some good times!  I am grateful for those all nighters...those party till daybreak...sleep the day away... laughing till it hurts... singing with the band...I'm in my twenties making memories days.  And every once in a while the "I think I'm in my twenties" Carrie comes out but, for the most part, those memories are stored in photo albums, in souvenirs, and in my heart.

Instead of bikinis and sunscreen, I will be packing a play pen and a portable DVD player.  I am excited about that.  A little road trip.  The little bump in the daily routine that we been waiting for.  Some family time.  Callie knows that we are in holiday mode.  She had two desserts tonight .  She had movie night with mixed up snacks and a juice box.  And she got to stay up past her bedtime.

So, I'm not boarding a flight on my way to Fort Lauderdale.  Tonight I kicked off the start of spring break by snuggling Lexi longer than usual.  We rocked in the chair.  I watched her yawn and rub her eyes.  I kissed her forehead over and over. I inhaled her scent...a combination of freshly washed skin and baby lotion.  I admired her by the slivers of sunlight that forced their way into the room around the edges of the closed blinds.  I rocked with her until her mile-long eyelashes rested on top her cheeks and her breaths were slow and steady.  These are my good times.


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