Thursday, March 10, 2011

Breathe Deeply

Tonight, when I went out to do some shopping, the air was warm.  I breathed deeply. I felt alive.  I felt giddy with anticipation as this first hint of mild temperatures gives us hope that March may actually go out like a lamb.  The snow is saturated...heavy and grey...walking the the tightrope line between being a snowman and a being a puddle just waiting to be splashed in with new rubber boots.

The stores' merchandise was screaming SPRING.  Easter chocolates, spring party dresses, umbrellas, rain coats, and brightly colored rubber boots. I nearly bought Callie a pair of boots even though I know it will still be weeks before she will need them.  I debated between the psychedelic flowers, the sweet pink kitty cats, the purple butterflies or the red and black ladybugs.  I wanted her to have them for whatever mood she was in.  It could rain everyday when you have super cool rubbers!  I could not decide. So I returned them all to the shelf.  I will let Callie choose.  She is very decisive and will have no trouble settling in on her favorites.

Despite what the stores merchandise tells us about the season, we will still be blessed with rosy cheeks and hot chocolate days and  babies who insist on taking off their boots and socks every time we go somewhere... for a little while yet.  But it still feels good to breathe deeply.

We always have lots of help in the kitchen.
The anticipation of the things too come is sometimes just as sweet as the prize.  And to sweeten the anticipation, tonight's bedtime story begged for warmer days and made promises of things to come.

I will continue to breathe deeply... the mild air and the anticipation of spring and all its promises.  But until the snow succumbs to the heat of the sun and creates its marvelous puddles for jumping...  we will let Lexi make her own because I have all but given up on keeping her away from the water cooler.

Breathe deeply.

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