Thursday, February 9, 2012


Five.  It can't really have been that long since she joined our lives.  It can't be that long ago because I can remember every detail about the day she was born.  It was cold outside, just like today. We were prepared. We were ready.  It was a long night.  And finally at 10:38 am the doctor announced, "it's a girl!" 

It was love at first sight.

As promised, there was a lot of celebrating this week.  A lot of cake and cupcakes too.

Five is a big jump from four.  It's big because five is a whole new category.  Say good-bye to my preschooler and welcome to my school-aged girl.  When I was tucking her in tonight I whispered, "what's the best thing about being five?"

"I get to go to kindergarten, mom."

I am so proud of the little person that she is. Each and every little thing that makes her, her.  And each one of her favorite things, each of her characteristics and her abilities are like the colors of the rainbow...each beautiful in their own right but breathtaking and unique when swirled together into its arch in the sky.

More pirate ship adventures.
Callie is colorful. She knows what she likes. 

She likes Rice Krispies. 
Pancakes and waffles. 
Chicken noodle and mushroom soup.
Buzz Lightyear and Spiderman.

Her favorite color is green.
Favorite show is Care Bears.
Favorite thing to do... "anything, mom.  I like everything".

She loves her sister.
Takes care of her.
Worries about her. 
Wants her to go to school with her.

Rockin' new blocks.  Unique, just like Callie.
She wears graphic tees and elastic waist pants.
Dresses are only for important parties.
Leggings are too tight. 
Sweaters are too itchy.

She skates.  She skis. 
She likes soccer and swimming.
She wants to play hockey.

She crafts and draws and paints.
She is creative.
She is entertaining.

She prefers two hair ponies high up.
She prefers pirates over princesses.
Running over walking.
Loud over quiet.

Birthday cake and a cup of tea with Great-Grandma.
She is all the colors of the rainbow.
She is perfect.
She is five.

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Christine said...

Wow Miss Callie..... did you ever eat A LOT of cake! Happy birthday!