Friday, February 24, 2012

Time to Tip the Scale

This week flew by.  I've learned that time slips by even faster when you want to do more than just the usual getting through the day things.  When you start to require more of yourself that just getting to work, making dinner, cleaning the dishes, and bathing the kids. 

And I've been trying to step things up a notch... trying to dabble in some exercise and I'm antsy as I look around the house and realize the lack of effort I've put into making changes, keeping things fresh.  There hasn't been a new picture frame, a new throw pillow, or a new knick-knack purchased in a very l.o.n.g. time. 

Sometimes we let ourselves go, sometimes we let our home go.

But one thing our home always has... an endless supply of new art.  And my girls have been busy.  We've been experimenting with different mediums.  Paint on wooden birdhouses.  Hot glue on paper plates.  Watercolor on paper.

Work projects have been weighing down the life scale lately.  But I can feel life's other aspects fighting back.  Jockeying for position.  Family time and debeigifying my house are steadily gaining weight.  But so is a hair cut and a girls night out.  Only time will tell which one will be first to push the life scale closer to a balanced position.

And tonight, my eyes are heavy because last night I could not put this book down.  I wanted to finish it.  To see how the characters lives balanced out.  So now I think I will quietly tiptoe into my girl's room, scoop them up and lie their warm, little, jammied bodies next to mine.

 Work may have carried some weight during the day but I have a night full of snuggles and love to start tipping that scale...happy weekend  everyone.

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Christine said...

Great book choice! I could not put it down either. Good movie too ... just won an Oscar for best supporting actress as I began to type this in.

Enjoy the moments, your children's art is worth more than any pricey piece you could buy!