Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Balancing Act

A week ago we said our farewells to the beach.   

For us, a beach day in September is rare.  Usually because the sun just doesn't have the oomph it had during the summer months but mostly it's because our minds have made already made the psychological shift that summer is over once we've crossed that finish line

September has been serving up some sunshine, even on the weekends, so we resumed our usual summer position at the beach for one last hurrah.  As we were packing up to leave, me lugging my beach chair, sand toys, boogie board, cooler bag, wet towels and flip flops, I finally felt ready to say good bye to summer.  No long, drawn out emotional good byes, just a quick see ya next year.   As Lexi stood on the front seat of the truck, I  peeled off her wet bathing suit. Then her swim diaper unloaded half the beach's sand onto the seat of the truck...I just thought, "yep, we're done."

Summer has been removed from the back of the truck...beach toys, life jackets, sunscreen...all settled in for hibernation.  Literally overnight summer turned into fall.  And our morning coffee on the deck looks a little different...

...we use a thermos cup, we wear sweaters over our jammies, and our "morning" coffee is getting a little closer to "lunch" coffee as we wait for the sun to rise up above the tree line.

September is busy with back-to-school, the start of activities, volunteer requirements, chocolate bar sales, scoop-a-lot fundraising... and we can't forget  the new healthy eating/exercise plans to shed those extra summer beach-snack, campfire hot dog, and ice cream cone pounds.

The home vs. work balance was the lunchroom conversation today.  How do we fit it all in?

I don't think this scale will ever balance.  And I think I will give up trying.  I've realized that some days work will come out on top.  Other days, home will be victorious.  Some days crafting and baking and playing with the girls will carry all the weight.  Other days laundry and dirty dishes will tip the scale.  There is no perfect balance. 

The other day, a walk in the park was the winner...

And Papa's birthday was another winner... 

So the answer to how do you find the time to...( fill in the blank)  is simple. It's whatever carries the most weight.  Today I blog, edit pictures, strap on my runners, read stories, and snuggle Lexi good night.  And it's all good because I know that the toys on the floor are steadily gaining weight, and so are work projects, and grocery shopping...and eventually they too will tip the scale in their direction and come out on top.

There are only so many hours in a day.  And the things that need to get done will get done when they have enough weight.

 Another winner, the sun settting on the lake...

And now, sleep has built up enough to tip the scale in its favour. 
Good night.

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Christine said...

Great fall pics and I love the last beach hurrah...... musta been a little windy on my hair...lol! I was just thinking today that I wanted to get together with you this weekend to play in the leaves while you snap some pics of your kids and mine with your great camera. However...... birthday parties seem to tip the scales on my weekend....... 4 invitations split between 2 kids came home in back packs today! So it looks like we are pretty busy. Unless you have a spare hour Saturday afternoon before 4:00 but after 12. I'd love to take a fall walk with our kids and your camera:)