Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday Ramblings

I had a date tonight with the doctors from Seattle Grace Hospital.  In my continued effort to fit in all in... TV usually carries very little weight. (I will clarify... grown-up shows carry very little weight.) And watching live TV as opposed to something pvr'd is like helium, lighter than air.  Except for Thursday nights.  Callie asked if she could stay up late to have some quiet time and watch my doctor show with me.  But I declined her request, preferring to have McDreamy, McSteamy and Gunther all to myself....

Moving on.

Today was an inbetween day.  A day where I serve Lexi Mini Wheats for breakfast but she leans towards me with her mouth open saying, "peassss" and she ends up eating half of my Fibre One instead.

We had deep from the belly laughs over little sister's hair

We've started a new morning routine during the week.  It goes like this. Clothes. Breakfast. TV until mom is ready.  Can you believe that I had been doing it the reverse order?  Ya I know, crazy, but I had good reason.  Getting Callie to get dressed is the most challenging task in the morning so I would put it off as long as I could.  She has a serious case of "it doesn't feel rightitis".  And if something doesn't feel just quite right, our world comes crashing down.  Maybe I could get her in to see Dr. Shepard. I'm sure him and Meredith could start a clinical trial to find a cure for this very serious disease that inflicts four year olds. 

I've been encouraging Callie to pick out her own clothes.  And she makes some great matches. Comfort always tops her list and green is her favorite color. Whenever she comes to present her choices to me  I say things like, "You have great style today" or "You're so creative, I never would have thought to put that shirt with those shorts.  High five, sista!"

Our fall weather has been intoxicating so we have been making an extra effort to stop by the park on our way home after our day or to go exploring, aka - go for a walk.  I had read this book and heard the authors speak a few years ago and I believe what they say about taking the time to reconnect with your children after you've been apart all day.  And some days it takes all I have to not head straight home so that I can get supper ready and start checking off the tasks of the nightly to-do list.  But the days that we take our time are soooo worth it.

And now I'm done rambling.  I am too tired to make the words flow together today.   The girls have been wrestling with head colds this week, their first of the season, so our sleep has been interrupted more than usual.  We are looking forward to our at home days on the weekend.

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Christine said...

Oh little Lexie I LOVE that hair. It gave us all a great big laugh too!