Thursday, March 1, 2012

Something Big

For the most part, the joy in our house come from the small things.  The little details. It comes from the attempts at making the ordinary into something special.  Like instead of going for a walk, we will go on an adventure.  Or we will drink our juice from a fancy glass.  Or we'll put our bathing suits on for a good game of beach and bask in the afternoon sun shining though the living room windows. 

But every once in a while something big comes along. 

And when we told our girls about this something big, it was crazy exciting.

Sometimes you just need to answer the door when opportunity knocks.  And usually that knock comes when your in the middle of dinner or just getting out of the shower or when you're already running late. 

Opportunity rarely knocks at a good time.

So after several weeks of planning and arranging and weighing the pros against the cons...we jumped at the opportunity.

And this something is what dreams are made of.

Can you guess?

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